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What is windSMS?
windSMS is a new service worldwide, inspired and developed by Cybex sa in Greece at July 1998.
Wind data are collected from digital wind meters which are installed next to, beaches or lakes of windsurfing, sailing interest. The data are then processed by the windSMS server and forwarded as SMS messages to the mobile phones of subscribers.

What do you mean by wind data?
The force of the wind in knots and beaufort and its direction

What is the function of windSMS server?
Every subscriber has its own wind profile which consists of the minimum wind force, an indication whether to accept SMS messages all days or only at weekends and the windSMS places from which the wind data are to be collected.
When the prevailing wind exceeds the minimum force then an SMS message containing the wind data is automatically generated and sent to his/her mobile phone. SMS messages are processed every hour during the day time

Who could be interested in windSMS?
Windsurfers or sailing boats sailors or anybody who might be interested in getting an alert when wind picks up.

How can I get more information about the service?
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Currently (2015) we use Meteocam for wind alerts via E-mail. You may visit For any further information contact or call 210-3617790

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